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So Tell Us: How'd your Pre Buying Experience go?

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Samedi 6 Juin 2009

Us, we had a jovial line in Ocala, FL (they were especially pleased to be able to play with our review unit while we waited).  That was fun, but not as much fun as Forum Member deesugar had at the Sprint Store in the Castro District of San Francisco.  None other than Palm Pre-master Jon Rubinstein showed up to help push the phones.  Add in some Joshua Topolosky of Engadget fame and Norm Meyrowitz of Macromedia and you're looking at a real party. 

Our activation took some doing -- something went wrong somewhere and the standard method wasn't working, which led to about an hour of trying and calling into Sprint HQ for help (so much for those vaunted "War Rooms.") Still, our agent was the tops and we thank you, Ana, for getting us our Pre phones.

How'd it go for you?

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