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Samsung's Android Plans Revealed -- Several Android Devices This Year

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Vendredi 3 Avril 2009


We've been speculating for months, trying to determine what Samsung's plans for Android were. We thought we would see something at MWC, wrong. We finally caught a blurrycam pixelated image of the Android device, which is to be followed by three others. And now finally, we're getting some more official words from Samsung regarding Android.

Samsung is going to launch their first Android device in June of this year. Celebrate! Not so fast, because it's going to be released on a European Carrier first. After that, Samsung will release TWO Android Devices here in the US on TWO different carriers (T-Mobile and Sprint are where the smart money's at) in the second half of this year. Supposedly, the two US Android devices are going to look completely different due to carrier preference (let me guess, the T-Mobile version will have a 'chin').

So wait just a little bit longer kids, Samsung will eventually come to the Android party.


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