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Rumor: Eos/Pixie on hold pending Pre results

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Dimanche 14 Juin 2009

Palm Eos RenderBear with me here. We’re not entirely sure what TechCrunch’s problem with Palm is, but they’re still talking about Palm and have some new information on the Eos (codename: Pixie). According to Michael Arrington of TechCrunch, the Eos is being reevaluated by Palm:

Our sources in Asia tell us that Palm continues to push development of the device but is far from making a launch decision. “Palm has decided to put the Pixie on hold until they have better visibility into how its current models are selling in the market.”

Pardon me, but DUH! Of course Palm is both pushing ahead with the Eos and simultaneously monitoring the reception to the Pre and making changes in reaction. The Pre and webOS are brand new systems, as any company will do with something new, they’re going to wait and see what the customers think before forcing round two out the door. Arrington attempts to spin the supposed ‘delay’ of the unannounced handset as reaction to the Pre’s “low sales rate,” even though the darned thing is practically sold-out nationwide. Give me a break, by all practical measures, this launch went as well as Palm and Sprint could have hoped, especially with the new iPhone launch right around the corner.

[via: Gizmodo]

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