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Review: v-moda Bass Freq Headphones

Rédigé par Tim Ferrill le Lundi 1 Juin 2009

v-moda Bass Freq - Product Shot

One of the things that has been promised to us for years, and is finally starting to come true on a viable basis, is the full convergence of phone, media player and internet device. Oddly, the segment that is arguably lagging the most on Windows Mobile is the media playback functionality. The biggest reasons that I can see for this are the anemic amount of on-board storage available on most devices, lack of standard audio ports and the shortage of quality free media playback software. The good news is that all this (and more) appear to be coming in Windows Mobile 7. Until then, workarounds abound for these issues, many of which have been featured on this blog.

For those of you blessed enough to sport an on-board 3.5mm audio port (or have already done a workaround). Check out v-moda’s Bass Freq headphones. Available in a variety of colors for those of you that are not stylistically challenged, v-moda offers functional headphones with some additional niceties that I would expect to find in a higher end (read: more expensive) product.




The Bass Freq headphones use the balanced both-sides-are-the-same-length design that I prefer. These are purely listening devices and cannot be used for hands-free calling as there is no microphone. As stated, a variety of colors are available to suit your taste. The earphones are just the right shape to nestle in your ear comfortably.

Assorted ear gels of varying sizes are included to customize your fit. Speaking of the ear gels, v-moda uses BLISS technology (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) which “reduces noise and enables deep bass” according to v-moda. As a bonus, v-moda includes a cable winder in the shape of their trademarked v, giving you a simple solution to your wire-clutter issues.

v-moda Bass Freq Headphones (with cable wrap)


The idea of v-moda’s BLISS technology is that the silicone is soft enough to create a more complete seal; resulting in better comfort, sound and noise isolation. I tend to use a product before I read the marketing propaganda, and I found the Bass Freq’s to excel in all three of these areas even before I knew what BLISS was (at least v-moda’s version).


V-moda does a good job of covering all of the basics in a cost-effective package. $40 isn’t unreasonable at all for a pair of headphones that feature decent sound and comfort. Additional niceties like the cable winder sweeten the deal. If you need a pair of headphones that are guaranteed to give you BLISS (sorry, that was bad), head on over the store to pick your poison candy color. 

Ratings (out of 5)

  • Form: 4
  • Function: 4




  • BLISS gives good sound quality
  • Cord Wrap is very nice to have
  • Several color options


  • It is a little pricey

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