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Quick Look: Seidio Holster for the BlackBerry Tour

Rédigé par Kevin Michaluk le Lundi 31 Août 2009

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Long belt/pocket clasp keeps the holster securely attached to your belt or pocket. The holster leaves most buttons and ports exposed.

This holster has a beefy/well-built feel to it. You place your Tour's screen facing the soft velvet.
Hands-On Look at the Seidio Spring Lock Holster for the BlackBerry Tour

I go through phases of what type of carrying solution/protective casing I like to use on my BlackBerry and trust me, I've used them and abused them all -- rubber skins, hard cases, leather pouches, invisible shields -- you name it. However, my first experience with carrying around a BlackBerry smartphone and one I'm still very fond of is the holster. Both my BlackBerry 7290 (old blue) and my BlackBerry 8700 came with a holster in the box, and I always loved the Quick Draw McGraw feeling of being able to whip the device out of the holster in just a moment's notice (see picture). I also love the whole sleeper magnet thing. Being able to customize alerts for when the device is in and out of the holster is simply brilliant and one of the things I love about Research in Motion - they give a lot of thought not just about the device as it is in your hand, but how you use it throughout the day. While you see less people wearing holstered smartphones these days (at least I seem to see less of them), I'd argue it's still more than acceptable. Afterall, the BlackBerry is the ultimate communication tool and we all know that tools can be worn! For shakers and movers, it's a must.

I never gave much holster love to my BlackBerry Bold, Curve 8900 and Storm, but somehow with the BlackBerry Tour it has found its way into use again. I've been really impressed with Seidio's Spring Lock Holster for the BlackBerry Tour. There's enough material to the holster to wrap around the device and keep it snug, and the spring lock and whole holster for that matter is very well built. The ratcheting clip on the back is a good length and offers 7 preset angles of tilt. The holster has a sleeper magnet built-in, and the screen-facing-in design ensures the device is well-protected when not in use. The holster retails for $29.95, but if you're a holster-using kind of gal or guy it's worth it. If you like holsters and own a Tour, I'd recommend this one. It's a 5/5 for me. You can see more photos and learn more here.'s feed sponsored by Quick Look: Seidio Holster for the BlackBerry Tour

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