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Premium Genesis Theme Released And 5 Others On Sale!!

Rédigé par Bla1ze le Lundi 6 Avril 2009

What's this we have here folks? A nice fresh, new theme from JC Designs-Gadgetbean, that's what! After having spent that last few days in Canada, where John was cuddled around the warmth of his laptop cause it was entirely too cold for him to go outside, he was able to come up with this clean looking theme. Genesis is now available to all Storm, Bold, Curve, 8900, 8350i, 8800 and Pearl users and even includes weatherbug and weather eye integration (seperate downloads). Genesis is a nice break from the often dark themes that I usually prefer. Icons are swanky on this one and the theme flows nicely on all the devices I tested it on.

SALE!!! With this new release, John also wanted to do something special for the CrackBerry Nation as well, so he decided he was gonna have a sale on this theme and his top 5 other themes, which have all been favorites in the Shop CrackBerry Store, so here's how it'll go. 7 day sale on Genesis, Real iBerry Blocks Custom L,Storm Today Plus, Cipher Sidebar Extreme ,Bold Today Plus and finally, EGO. The next part is important, Day 1-$3, Days 2&3-$4, Days 4&5-$5 and to round it out Days 6&7 all mentioned themes will be $6. Awesome sale, on all awesome themes as a special treat just for CrackBerry! Hurry to get the best deal! No coupon code required.'s feed sponsored by Premium Genesis Theme Released And 5 Others On Sale!!

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