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Pre: What Would You Change?

Rédigé par Jonathan Downer le Mercredi 15 Avril 2009

Ever since the Pre was announced way back when at CES (it really does feel like forever ago), there has been discussion over certain aspects of the device that could or should be changed. There have been several threads in our forums (just to link a few) regarding this as well, so we figured it’s time to give the topic some much-needed spotlight love.  Sure, the Pre feels darn near perfect, but there's a lot of space in "darn near."
After the break, I've listed the biggest culprits that have been mentioned, grumbled about, cursed, and beaten silly. We're more interested in hearing yours, though.  What would you change about the Pre?
In no particular order:
  • No microSD slot: This is perhaps the biggest annoyance for me personally. With a music collection hovering around 20 gig, it would be awfully nice to load some of that up on a 16 GB card so as to not eat into the device memory. Alas, it was not to be.
  • 8gb of on-board memory: Feeding off the previous bullet, this is another often criticized aspect of the Pre. While 8 GB is certainly plenty for the typical user, those of us who are a smidge media-centric can fill up 8 gig in about 15 minutes. The silver lining here is that a 16 GB version is expected at some point after initial launch.
  • Battery: When it was discovered that the Pre had a removable battery, there was much rejoicing. When the cover was removed, and we first saw said battery, there was then much sorrow, for inside, we saw none other than the 1150mAh battery from the Palm Centro. While we still don't know how the Pre does with power management, the sheer size of the battery can all but guarantee nightly charging for heavy users (not that this is a huge deal, just as long as it survives a day).
  • webOS: Wait, what? How can the Pre's biggest strength, also be one of its most criticized features? It's a good question, and it has a lot to do with resistance to change, combined with webOS being an unsupported, unproven platform. There are many long time Palm users that both love and depend on the Palm GarnetOS, and know the ins-and-outs like the back of their hand. There are also thousands of third party applications (useful ones at that), that further enhance the productivity of PalmOS. Thankfully, for all involved, the Pre WILL have a PalmOS emulation application, so they're looking out for the long-time user. Hopefully in time, as more webOS applications and devices come to market, this will become a moot issue.
  • Sprint: While not specifically device-related, this wouldn't be a proper "complaints" list if we didn't mention the destination carrier. While I personally have had nothing but good experiences with Sprint, there is no denying that they are sporting a poor reputation in today’s market. Thankfully, it’s been well-documented that while Sprint's Customer Service still isn't great, it's improving, and well on its way toward being a proper CS division once again. As far as their signal strength goes, this should be a relative non-issue. Sprint's coverage area is pretty decent, and they have roaming agreements with Verizon and Alltel, so it should be rare that you find yourself with no signal what-so-ever (Unless you're driving through West Virginia, which in my experience is a complete cell signal black hole).
This brings us to the end of the segment. I've only listed five of the major complaints, but there are plenty more out there. As the title suggested, this is an open discussion post, and we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. So tell us, what would you change?



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