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PockeTwit gets updated to v.75

Rédigé par Malatesta le Jeudi 11 Juin 2009

Looks like the popular freeware Twitter client PockeTwit has received a nice update to v0.75. PockeTwit, for those who have not tried, is a freeware Twitter client that has fullscreen and kinetic scrolling support. The developers have posted the new fixes and additions on their blog:

  • "QuickPost" fix
  • Refined the Today Plugin
  • Added "Saved Searches" feature
  • Added support for "" (shrnks ur msg 2 <140 chrtrs!)
  • Added Img.Ly, Posterous, and TweetPhoto support
  • New desktop installer available
  • Cached updated Avatar fix

Though many of us here at WMExperts like Twikini for our Twitter needs, no denying the coolness that PockeTwit and their team bring to the field. Read more details about the update here and get your download on here.

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