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PlayScreen Launches 25 Online Games For The Pre

Rédigé par Jason Robitaille le Vendredi 12 Juin 2009

Well this isn't something you see everyday.  PlayScreen, an online mobile gaming hub, has ported a collection of 25 of their games to the Palm Pre.  Right now they're all only available online at but PlayScreen is promising to turn them into individual local applications and make them available via the Palm App Catalog. Here's an excerpt from PlayScreen's press release:

"These ad-supported titles take advantage of the advanced WebOS on the new Palm Pre phone" said William Volk, president and CEO of PlayScreen. "Titles include blackjack, solitaire, bowling, sudoku, solitaire, roulette, backgammon, darts, golf and other popular games."

"PlayScreen is applying its considerable experience in advanced mobile technology to bring these titles to consumers" commented PlayScreen President Sherri Cuono. "There are no installs required and these games are played instantly via the browser. We're also going to make downloadable versions of these games available when Palm Pre App Catalog launches."

"With all the excitement over this new phone and operating system we wanted to make sure consumers didn’t have to wait for their favorite games" added William Volk. "Reviewers of the Palm Pre have asked, 'Where are the Games?' Well, the games are here, at"

An impressive feat to say the least and one sure to please many new Pre owners.  I particularly like the Memory Melt Down and Snowboard Alley games; they're the quick, got-a-few-spare-minutes kind of games I loved on the PalmOS.  Sure, the graphics and animation might not be as complex as they could be if the SDK was in a native coding language, but the games actually aren't too bad overall.  Oh and did I mention they're free! Free!

So it's official: no more complaints about a lack of solitaire on the Pre.

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