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PalmCast LIVE broadcasting tonight, 8 PM EST

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Mardi 20 Octobre 2009

PalmCast Live!Hey folks, PalmCast Live is tonight! Broadcasting live from all across the nation at 8 PM EST will be Dieter, Derek, and Keith. We'll be rounding up the week's news in the world of Palm, including a slew of new apps, Verizon news, and - oh yeah - the Pre's European launch.

Now the news isn't the only thing we do with the almight PalmCast - we answer your questions. Live. Just tweet us on the Twitter (be sure to include the #palmcast hashtag) and we'll do our best to answer your query.

So drop on by for the 80th edition of the PalmCast Live!

Update: What's a PalmCast without prizes? Last week Kris won a Touchstone. This week we're going to shake it up a bit: we have three Google Voice invites burning a hole in our Google Cloud - we'll give them away tonight!

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