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Palm & Sprint ramping Pre ads at NASCAR, IndyCar

Sprint's employing some Synergy (yeah, we had to do it) with their massive NASCAR sponsorship and their desire to get the Pre out there, giving it a huge placement at the Sprint Cup All Star Race, as noted in our Palm Pre Forums

Sprint NASCAR adIt looks as though the entire series is awash with the Pre, In addition to the jumb-sized Pre phones, we also have the NASCAR website, which now sports Sprint ads for the Now Network and showing the Pre, as seen to the right. That ad links to the “Sprint Speed” website, which when you click on the expand button on the right side of the stats crawler, converts into a NASCAR-themed version of the seizure inducing Now Network boxes.

Sprint Speed - the Now Network

One last NASCAR bit, A forum member over at EverythingPre was watching practice runs for tonight’s NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race (to be broadcast on Speed starting at 8:30 PM) and noticed during a camera pan something interesting: two enormous Palm Pre phones being assembled inside the Lowes Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina. A size comparison shows that these suckers are about 18-20 feet tall. No word on if they built a giant Touchstone charger to go with them...

Palm Pre IndyCar advertising

Moving away from NASCAR, this is the #2 IndyCar, driven by Raphael Matos. The photo, added recently to the IndyCar website and noticed by, shows that even with the big advertising push that Palm and Sprint are bound to make, they’re still willing to make smaller ad buys, like slapping “palm pre” onto the engine hump of a 200 mph race car.

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