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Palm Pre to be the best TwitterPhone on the Planet? (Sprint Now)

Marc is the first amongst throngs of users to tell us about an email from Sprint pointing people to their add-influenced widget Page (now with Linky Goodness!).  We're naturally part of the "Buzzing" blogosphere, but given how much we want a real, honest-to-god release date announcement, "All the rage" is beginning to take on a meaning probably not intended by the copywriters.

Meanwhile Gearlog notes that the print campaign in newspapers also continues, this time with a focus on Twitter. 

...Which leads me to this thought: there better be at least one stupendously good Twitter application for the Palm Pre, because the thing is made from the ground up to be perfect for Twitter

  • It has a real, physical keyboard
  • it has non-intrusive notifications that can be pushed out by the Mojo Messaging Service
  • As Milonkod said to me on Twitter yesterday, there's a huge opportunity for a Twitter app on the Pre to utilize not only the notification area, but multiple cards within the same app for following friends, checking replies and direct messages, following hashcodes, etc.
  • The SDK uses HTML, Ajax, and Javascript with fairly deep access to the OS.  Not only is that more than enough for every Twitter feature I can think of, it's also the language best known by all the people who are most obsessed with Twitter. 

Sincerely: Twitter defines whatever we're calling "Web 2.0" these days (Web 3.0?).  The Pre is the phone that seems to dovetail most with the new stuff being done with HTML5, Ajax, etc.  If there's a more perfect match of Phone and Service, I don't know what it is.

In other words, it makes perfect sense that Sprint is showing that crazy-cute Twitter bird every-which-where.

If you're not amongst the Twitterati (non-Pre wordplay is still legal), maybe think about joining and then following at @precentral

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Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Vendredi 17 Avril 2009

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