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Palm Pre Return Rate Now Pegged at 2% - 3% (Dueling Analysts)

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Vendredi 24 Juillet 2009

Not a day since we took Jim Cramer to task for citing the 40% return rate number, Scott Moritz at Cramer's own publication, The Street, contradicts Cramer with numbers of his own.  He cites RBC Analyst Mike Abramsky, who suggest that "the return rate has been low, running between 2% and 3%."

Abramsky also estimates sales at 350,000.   Abransky's numbers come from a survey of around two dozen Sprint stores.

Both the sales numbers and the return rates have been hot topics of late and frankly, it would be pretty nice to see some clearer guidance from Palm so we can stop playing dueling analysts.  At this point, we're much more interested in sales number than return rates -- if only because the likelihood that we'll ever get a clear answer on the latter is basically nil.

Thanks to blackmagic01 for the tip!

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