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Palm Pre Goes Through a Bummer of a Time Warp

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Jeudi 6 Août 2009 Forum member BentEcho takes the prize for "Weirdest Palm Pre Glitch we've seen yet." Sadly, all he gets for that prize is a Palm Pre that has gone decidedly retro - it only displays in black and white at at apparently half the resolution it ought to.  So everything looks like the above, although the unit is apparently working fine beyond that.

BrentEcho went through all the steps you might expect - a hard reset, trying out the interactive tests, and so on.  Sprint is rushing a replacement unit to him and his best guess is the same as ours - something crazy bad with the graphics chip. (Nope, he's never gone for that crazy rooting action, either).

I'm a little embarrassed to say that looking at the lovingly-shot photos of his time-warped Pre actually made me a little nostalgic for my 2002 Treo 180, which sported a 160x160 black and gray screen.  Until your Pre gets replaced, BentEcho, take comfort in the fact that your Pre is more "Pre" than anybody else's - as in 'Premodern." (yes, we're breaking our self-imposed ban on Pre puns, just this once).

Has anybody else ever seen anything like this?

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