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Palm Pre Ad Study: "Inspiration" and "Happiness" Evoked

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Lundi 10 Août 2009

Those ads that we here at and the Twitterati find creepy and disturbing -- they appear to be working amongst the general public.  So says HCD Research, who did a "national Media Study" with 305 viewers whose emotional response was more "Happiness" and "Inspiration" (26% and 25%, respectively) and less "Distrubing" and "Skepticism" (9% and 18%).

The ad shown to the viewers was the "Bing" ad, above.  Sample-size aside, we're wondering what the response to the "Crazy" ad would be - or even worse, the response to the unmitigated horror of the "Juggler."

In any case, it's a little piece of vindication for Modernista, who put the ads together for Palm - 67% found the ad at least somewhat effective.

Go get your stats on at MediaCurves or grab the PDF.

Thanks to Manny for the tip! Article updated to clarify that this was more of a "Media Study" than a "Survey" or Poll.

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