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Palm HQ statue gets a long-overdue upgrade

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Lundi 15 Juin 2009

Tall lanky bronze dude got him a Pre!

Bill was recently on a trip to sunny 'ole Sunnyvale, California and he and the family decided to drop by Palm headquarters (950 W Maude Ave, to be specific). They took some shots - with their Palm Pre phones - at the bright orange Palm logo at the entrance, and on their way out they noticed something pretty cool: the big tall lanky bronze dude standing outside Palm HQ had received an upgrade. As TomD in our forums had noted two months ago, the sculpture was still sporting a Treo 650 and in desperate need of updating. Bill sent us the above pic: tall lanky bronze dude is now reaching for the sky with a Palm Pre. It was about time for an upgrade, he's been eligible for a new contract renewal for nearly three years now, let's just hope he didn't have SERO...

Oh, and we've got a shot of smiling Bill at Palm HQ after the break. Hope he gave a shout-out to Jon Rubinstein for!

Thanks Bill!


Bill at Palm HQ

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