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Palm Closes Homebrew App Install by Email Loophole

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Lundi 29 Juin 2009

Palm Pre Homebrew Install Broken

It was a wild, but sadly all-too-short ride.  With the just-released webOS 1.04 update, Palm has closed the loophole that allowed us to install Homebrew applications directly via an emailed link

Sideloading via rooting / developer mode (enabled by the Konami Code) is likely to still be fine and homebrew apps that have been installed before the update are also still present.  

Honestly, though, we get it.  It was a big security hole and it needed patching.  Hopefully a Palm-aproved method will come to us before the Palm Pre SDK release later this summer, in the meantime we're pining for a way to keep this Homebrew train a-rollin.

We'd recommend that homebrew lovers just avoid the update to 1.04, but from what we hear that will only last a week or so, as Palm intends on making webOS updates mandatory.

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