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New demo shows the strength of Classic

A few days ago, the folks at MotionApps released a new list of FAQs, this one much more technical than the last. One anonymous user commented on our PreCentral post about it with this rather astute observation:

OK, so there's no bundles audo codecs, but Motion Apps have yet to mention whether Classic supports SOUND!

None of the demos have showcased any audio. This is not about running PocketTunes - it's about games. Warfare Inc, etc, will just be curiosities without audio.

We need to know!

Well now we know!  The above video was posted yesterday on MotionApps' blog and really shows how much progress they've made.  A game like GTS: World Racing is a perfect example of how vital of a gaming resource Classic could end up being.  Great sound effects, smooth graphics, and boy am I loving how the card view stays live. However the sound support isn't complete.  According to MotionApps:

We have been working on getting sound support in Classic and have made some good progress. It is still early in the process and more remains to be done but we expect to make it solid in time for public release.

Regardless, I'm impressed and thrilled at how responsive they are being about Classic's development.

Thanks to Francis for the tip!

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Vendredi 17 Avril 2009

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