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Must-Have Free and Paid BlackBerry Apps for the New BlackBerry Tour Owner

Rédigé par Kevin Michaluk le Mardi 21 Juillet 2009

Must-Have Apps for the BlackBerry Tour

Things are always a little frantic around and with the recent release of the BlackBerry Tour the site is busier than ever. When an overdue, highly-anticipated device like the Tour finally hits the market it means a big group of experienced BlackBerry users quickly make the upgrade and it also means a whole new contigent of smartphones owners are discovering the world of BlackBerry and visiting for the first time. That said, we've been taking the launch of the Tour as an opportunity to revisit some BlackBerry basics.

Shortly after the Tour launched, a great thread popped up in the forums called Name the First Five Apps You Will Put On Your Tour. It's definitely one you'll want to check out for a lot of great ideas for which software applications to install on your device. After covering on the blogs How to Get Apps On Your BlackBerry, I thought it would be fun to poll some of our CrackBerry contributors and moderators to find out their first five must-have apps. Keep in mind that while we've geared this article towards the Tour, these software suggestions are valid for pretty much all models, including the Curve, Bold, Pearl and Storm (though you may need to find Storm-specific versions).  Read on for Lots of apps!

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