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Living off the Grid with the Palm Pre

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Lundi 29 Juin 2009

Fellow Pre users, meet Michael Bunker, aka Salty Off-Grid.  Bunker has been using his Palm Pre for three weeks whilst being entirely off the electrical grid (discounting power to cell towers, of course).  He uses his Pre to run his 40 acre ranch in Central Texas, powering his Pre and other electronic necessities via a solar array and a small generator when necessary.

How do we know all this?  Bunker has written a great review of the Pre from his context in our forums, detailing how it helps him in his day to day work as a rancher. Definitely check it out.

The PalmOS Treo was a huge favorite amongst small business owners and we're starting to think the Pre could easily be the same. So for us, the story helps reveal all that fret and worry about Palm's target market was maybe a little overblown.  A little urban hipster, a little downtown business, a little suburban soccer mom, and a little bit of ranch life can all add up to a pretty big tent.

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