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Just who is Palm targeting with the Pixi?

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Samedi 12 Septembre 2009

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Palm says that they intend to open up the smartphone market to new demographics. That wasn’t particularly accomplished with the Pre, which a survey of our readers indicated at about 80% of purchasers had previously owned a smartphone of some variety. Of course, our readership is somewhat skewed, but it still shows that the Pre appealed very much to current smartphone owners and not so much to those who were still living in the dumbphone era. And then there were those commercials; frankly it was hard to decipher who Palm’s target audience for the Pre was.

It would seem that Palm is making an effort to set a defined target audience for the Pixi. Above you’ll find a Pixi introduction video that Palm has posted on their website (click Meet Palm Pixi on the right), narrated by a young woman who tells us to “enjoy the conversation.” While the video's background spends most of the video masked by blurriness, it’s perfectly clear at the beginning, and what we see is a boutique clothing shop. The narrator goes on to talk about what’s important to you (your friends, plans, and conversations) and that the Pixi will let you “express yourself, personally, in ways that you choose.”

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