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Howard Stern Chooses BlackBerry Bold Over Pre

Rédigé par Jennifer Chappell le Lundi 6 Avril 2009

We told you earlier that Howard Stern was going to be getting a private demo of the Palm Pre in his apartment last week.

Well, according to our forums, Howard has had his demo and said that the Pre was "very nice".  But evidently Howard still chose the BlackBerry Bold ove the Pre.

Seems that Howard really relies on Lotus Notes and is why he has chosen the Bold. I guess those 3rd party apps are really important and Howard decided that Lotus Notes was so important that since the Pre couldn't connect to the app, he would rather choose a smartphone that could.

Of course, if either Stern or the Palm rep were a reader of PreCentral, they would know that the Pre will be able to sync with Lotus Notes, via the forthcoming 3rd party CompanionLink software.

Too bad Howard didn't choose the Pre because his raving over it could really help to put the Pre in the limelight and help out Palm's sales.   Other than those reasons, I couldn't care less what phone Stern uses.

I love the BlackBerry Bold myself, but there's no way I would ever choose the Bold over the Palm Pre.  No app could make me not want the Pre!  Besides, once the Pre is out, there will be a crapload of 3rd party apps coming for it.

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