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High Quality Pictures of the Samsung I7500 Android Device


We know you guys are interested in the Samsung I7500, just look at that beautiful device, how could you possibly resist? And after months and months of no news regarding Android devices, this Samsung device is truly a breath of fresh air. The Android platform is reinvigorated and rightfully so.

So after seeing the announcement, the specs, the blurrycam photos, and the hands-on video, what's left to see for the I7500? Why every angle of the Samsung I7500 in high quality glory! If you didn't already fall in love with the I7500, you will now.

Hit the jump to see the Samsung I7500 from almost every angle!



Google, why of course.

Nice yet subtle "map of the world" design

Pretty thin, ain't she?

Volume Buttons

3.5 mm headphone jack! Thank you Samsung!



Indicator Light

Physical Buttons and D-Pad

5 megapixel camera (and Google logo)

Speaker (and Samsung logo)

1500 mAh battery

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Tags : android, google

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Mercredi 29 Avril 2009

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