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HTC Fiesta is an Android Phone Headed for AT&T?


There's not much to see here but some some internal information on the HTC Fiesta, a device reported to run Android, have leaked. The specs for this HTC 'Fiesta' are hardly worthy of a party:

  • QVGA 240x320 display
  • Numeric keyboard (presumably no physical QWERTY)

We don't expect as big a push for the HTC Fiesta as opposed to the HTC Hero or HTC Magic, those devices were obviously the higher end while the Fiesta seems to be the mid-to-low range. But still, it's much too early in the game to write any product--we're still excited to see what the HTC Fiesta manifests itself into.


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Tags : android, google

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Lundi 10 Août 2009

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