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Give Your Berry An X-Box Make Over With xBerry Theme

Rédigé par Bla1ze le Samedi 25 Avril 2009

Xberry From Elecite!

Let the battle begin! Hot on the heels of their PS3 inspired theme PSB, Elecite has finally launched their X-Box inspired theme xBerry to go head to head with PSB. With an awesome true to X-Box color scheme and customized icons, X-Box fans can show their pride for their consoles, red ring of death and all. Sorry had to toss that in there, the description will explain why, I promise ;)

xBerry features a customizable sliding bottom dock with 10 icons for the Bold and 8900 and 7 icons for the Storm (8800 & 8300 versions do not support sliding icons), 2 today icons and 2 additional side icons for viewing Profiles and Connections. The battery is nicely implemented around the clock with four bars, each turning red as its life decreases.

xBerry and PSB are both available through Elecite for only $6.99 be sure to check device compatability before purchasing though as xBerry is available for BlackBerry Storm, 8900 Curve, 9000 Bold, 8300 & 8800 devices but each version may be different.'s feed sponsored by Give Your Berry An X-Box Make Over With xBerry Theme

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