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Full Qwerty BlackBerrys to get SureType in OS 5.0

Now THIS is neat. It seems a new feature has popped up in OS for the BlackBerry Bold.... SureType! SureType is RIM's predictive text feature, normally featured on BlackBerry Smartphones that have the SureType keyboard (two letters per key). I guess RIM's software engineers finally decided there's no good reason why you can't turn on predictive text on a device that features a full qwerty keyboard. I like it! I wonder if this can push us into 75+ WPM (with accuracy!) typing speed range. Or, maybe it'll cause more pain than it helps and slow you down. At least it should help improve with typing in real english (vs. bb slang). Big thanks to modicusi for whipping this video up for us!'s feed sponsored by Full Qwerty BlackBerrys to get SureType in OS 5.0

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Tags : blackberry, rim

Rédigé par Kevin Michaluk le Mardi 16 Juin 2009

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