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Free Audible Audio Book App For BlackBerry Updated

Rédigé par Bla1ze le Mercredi 5 Août 2009

Free Audible Audio Book App For BlackBerry Updated, which provides a free audio book application for BlackBerry devices, recently got a nice overhaul. Previously users had stated the application was a little slow and sluggish and really didn't perform that well on BlackBerry devices. This time around with the version being updated to 1.4.2, Audible has their application working quite fine. New updates and fixes are as listed below:

  • All screens have been optimized for faster loading.
  • No more waiting to get back to your audio. You are immediately taken to the player screen upon loading the application, if your last action within the app was listening to audio.
  • Performance of user-interface elements has been improved. (scrolling through lists, audio playback buttons, etc.)
  • My Library is now stored directly on your device for faster loading of your purchased titles.
  • Support for the Curve 8900
  • Audio playback bug while Audible for BlackBerry is minimized has been fixed
  • Improved support for BlackBerry Enterprise Servers
  • Landscape typing for the BlackBerry Storm now supported 

If you have used the Audible application before and were not happy with it, try it out again as the update really does fix a lot of concerns. With over 60,000 titles available for download or streaming and plenty of free content to go around, surely worth a look.'s feed sponsored by Free Audible Audio Book App For BlackBerry Updated

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