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Carnival of Souls - 1st Comic Book App in App World

Carnival of Souls on your BlackBerry

Looking for something to read on your BlackBerry this weekend? Like crazy screwed up clowns? If so, you'd better crack open App World and download the free Chapter 1 preview of Jazan Wild's Carnival of Souls. With this app it seems Carnival Comics has won the honor of being the first company to list a comic book in App World (click here to read an article from today where Carnival's VP, Sharon Levesque-Barnes, talks about the new age of comic apps).

I won't make any comments about the comic itself (read it!), but there are a few things to point out about the application. First, for a BlackBery app it's big! Nearly 3 megs. So you'll be wanting to delete it once you're done 'flipping' through the pages. Second, it's not very touchscreen friendly just yet. I initially downloaded it for my Storm, but found at first it was messed (keyboard locked as showing and no way to advance through the pages) and after disabling compatibility mode found I still had no way to move through the pages though at least now it was showing full screen. On my Curve 8900 the experience was solid. I like comic books... I love my BlackBerry. Louie, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.'s feed sponsored by Carnival of Souls - 1st Comic Book App in App World

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Rédigé par Kevin Michaluk le Vendredi 17 Avril 2009

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