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CTIA 2009: Zeemote for BlackBerry Demo

Rédigé par Kevin Michaluk le Lundi 6 Avril 2009

I first saw Zeemote for BlackBerry back at the BlackBerry Developer Conference late last year when it was in its early stages. Zeemote will be launched this summer (first in Europe by the sounds of it) and will enable you to play BlackBerry games using the Zeemote JS1 Bluetooth controller so long as you have the Zee Key app on your device (which remaps your Berry's buttons and trackball to the remote's inputs). Pretty cool! You can learn more at

Question of the Day: I'm really curious to know how many CrackBerry readers out there are interested and would buy/use the Zeemote on a regular basis? Are you ramping up your BlackBerry gaming??'s feed sponsored by CTIA 2009: Zeemote for BlackBerry Demo

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Tags : blackberry, rim

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