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BerryWeather - Helping you Weather the Storm (or Bold or ...)

Rédigé par Ryan Blundell le Mardi 14 Avril 2009


Berry Weather

Where I grew up we had four seasons, just like everybody else. In our case, these seasons we called Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter and Construction. We've become quite dependent upon knowing the forecast; regardless if would affect us or not. We recently had a birthday party for our son. For weeks before we would check daily, sometimes numerous times a day, to see if it was going to rain or not (it did end up raining, but we had fun nonetheless).

Just like the various weather conditions we may experience, we BlackBerry users and abusers have various options when it comes to obtaining weather information. To date, I've tried using the Weather Service on Viigo (worked nicely) and accessed The Weather Network through the BlackBerry push services (not so nice). I heard of the visually stunning application called BerryWeather and wanted to see if it would call for a sunny application day, or rain on my parade (hopefully not causing water damage with my Bold). With options including extended forecasts and the ability to monitor multiple locations, BerryWeather should help you decide if you need to pack an umbrella or not. More after the jump.

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