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Bells Holds The Pre With 6 Month Exclusivity?

Rédigé par Jason Robitaille le Lundi 27 Juillet 2009

Canada's Bell network may get a 6 month exclusive on the Palm Pre - starting when they actually are able to release the thing.  MobileSyrup claims to have an internal document from Bell called The Bell Strategy:

The Palm Pre will expand and strengthen Bell’s smartphone category and will break new ground in the fiercely competitive smartphone market. Bell will be the second carrier worldwide (after Sprint) to sell the Palm Pre, with exclusivity for 6 months. Bell anticipates the Canadian market will strongly embrace this product with strong interest, which will boost overall smartphone sales.

If this document proves to be legitimate, and there's no reason to believe otherwise, then this puts the final nail in the coffin for the rumor that Telus would be releasing the Pre around same time as Bell.

On a more personal note, this is upsetting news for me.  You see, I live in Manitoba, a province that Bell doesn't sell to.  I'm now forced to investigate hacking the Pre to work on a different CDMA carrier or wait an additionally 6 months (on top of however longer we have to wait for the Bell release date). Who knows, maybe we'll see a GSM version sooner rather than later.

Any other Canadians put in a bind because Bell isn't an option ...and neither is not getting a Pre as soon as possible?

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