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Are You Switching to Sprint?

Rédigé par Jonathan Downer le Mercredi 22 Avril 2009


Amongst all the excitement and hubbub of the Palm Pre’s impending launch (still no date yet, sorry folks!), quite a few of us are silently, or not-so-silently debating if the phone is worth switching to the much maligned Sprint. Obviously the answer is going to be a little bit different for everyone, but we feel it’s a debate worth having.
The key factors for anyone looking to switch carriers should be coverage area, and plan pricing. Sprint’s coverage is pretty comprehensive, and they have roaming agreements with Verizon and Alltel to provide roaming coverage where Sprint doesn’t have towers, so most folks should have some semblance of coverage in their area. However, be sure to check Sprint’s coverage maps to be safe, and take caution if you find that you live right on the border between Sprint and roaming coverage, as that could be a recipe for dropped calls galore.
The second factor to consider is going to be Plan pricing. Sprint has some of the most attractive pricing options of any of the major carriers, and we’ve covered which ones will be required for Pre. Perhaps their most talked about plan is the “Simply Everything” plan, which nets you unlimited voice minutes, data, text/mms/e-mail messages, navigation, Sprint TV, and a bunch of other fun goodies for $99 per month. If you find you don’t need quite all that, you can also choose one of the “Everything Data” plans, which has all the same goodies from Simply Everything, just without the unlimited voice minutes.
Finally, this wouldn’t be a proper Sprint debate without mentioning their somewhat shaky Customer Service track record. While it’s well known that Sprint was seriously lacking in this area in the past, it has been generally reported that Sprint CS is steadily improving. My own experiences in recent months have been pretty positive, but your mileage may vary.
So let us know, are you planning to switch to Sprint, or are you waiting for a Verizon or North American GSM version?

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