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App Catalog: New Submissions and New Manager Wanted

Rédigé par Jason Robitaille le Vendredi 7 Août 2009

Palm has started a new round of App Catalog submissions. Earlier today Early Access Program participants got the email from Palm letting them know it's time.  Currently it's just open to 'Early Access Program' developers, but the email hints at full open submissions in the near future.

[...] As Palm moves forward with our Application Catalog development, we’re looking for a select set of high-caliber developers who want to be on the inside track as we shift gears to the next phase (and before we open the flood gates to application submissions from the thousands and thousands of developers who have downloaded the Public Mojo SDK).

The email then goes on to describe how you can make an early submission, get a chance for increased exposure through Palm's marketing, and get 'personalized attention.'  Palm also wants deets like when you expect it to be complete, business model of your app: free or paid or ad-supported, what country you want it available for, etc.  Here's some links to check before you submit: Application Checklist, Top UI Tips, Performance Optimization, and WebOS User Interface Guidelines [pdf link].

Meanwhile, our tipsters have tracked down yet another intriguing job opportunity at Palm: Lead App Catalog Administrator. We have to say: just reading through this description makes us very optimistic that Palm's App Catalog policies won't look like Apple's mess:

The successful candidate will be a skilled communicator adept at resolving complex, sensitive issues. This position will be working under an aggressive schedule to cultivate developer relationships and resolve escalations in a timely manner. Needs to be able to organize and prioritize a heavy workload and be able to thrive in a fast-paced environment and has strong customer service skills.

So if you're waiting for App Catalog goodness, be patient -- Palm is clearly moving as fast as humanly possible without tripping and landing on their face. If you can't be patient, you know what to do.

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