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11 minutes of the T-Mobile Dash 3G

We've manhandled (or is it Mal-handled?) the Sprint Snap, we've see the launch of the Verizon Ozone, and now we're just waiting on the T-Mobile Dash 3G to round out the initial HTC Snap invasion in the U.S. Well, not everyone's waiting, as Noah from PhoneDog snagged an early Dash 3G a week or so before general availability. Looks like it'll be here on or about July 8 (we've heard later) for $170, or more than three times what Verizon's selling its version of the Snap for.

So, here are 11 minutes of the T-Mobile Dash 3G. And when you think about how long fans of the original Dash have had to wait for a follow-up, 11 minutes really isn't too much to sit through.

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Rédigé par Phil Nickinson le Mercredi 1 Juillet 2009

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