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Yahoo coming to Synergy in a few weeks

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Mardi 9 Juin 2009

Palm water bottle swagOur friend Daniel in Durham, North Carolina, got to attend something nice at his local Sprint Store. Emily Wright, the rep that Palm had dispatched to the store decided that Sunday evening would be the perfect time for a class about the Palm Pre for all the new owners out there. Daniel attended and reported back to us that Ms. Wright told the class that Palm would be adding full Yahoo synchronization to Synergy within the next few weeks, even including calendar (and presumably bringing Yahoo mail, contacts, and IM into the mix as well). Wright took several questions from the attendees and those that she couldn’t answer she got contact information and was going to talk to her superiors at Palm HQ to see if they could provide the answer.

They even gave out swag! Check out the sweet aluminum water bottle Daniel snagged at the class - and then took a picture of with his new Pre!

This is the first we’ve heard of Palm reps setting up classes at their assigned Sprint stores. Emily Wright, you are our hero, and here’s to hoping that your comrades at Sprint locations across the nation follow your initiative.

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