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WMExperts Podcast Episode 69

Rédigé par Phil Nickinson le Lundi 21 Septembre 2009 | Lu 371 fois


Malatesta, Phil, and Dieter talk Palm's abandonment of Windows Mobile, the Zune HD and the future of the OS, the HTC Leo, get a couple of good rants on and answer a few of your questions.


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Thanks to Curt and Lil Diamond for the e-mails, and Dance and Mel for the voicemails. Drop us a line. E-mail Call us at (866) 904-5882 ext. 222. Or hit us up on Twitter - @wmexperts, Deiter, Phil, Malatesta, George, Tim.


Thanks to the WMExperts Store for sponsoring the podcast. Thanks also to these great artists for the music and to for offering a great database of Creative Commons music!

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