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Telcel nabs Pre in Mexico?

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While our Spanish is admittedly quite rusty, we can see what’s going on here: it’s a Palm Pre running on GSM carrier Telcel in Mexico. The conversation indicates that Telcel will be the exclusive carrier of the Pre in Mexico, which runs up against Telefonica’s Movistar brand that spans much of Latin America. And just to show us it’s not some variety of trickery, the phone is shown to have both no Sprint apps and a SIM card slot, and with the QWERTY keyboard we know it’s also not an unlocked Pre stolen from O2 Germany.

Strangely, the video also makes a mention of expandable storage, though it is not demonstrated or shown on the video, nor are any specifics discussed. Our money’s on the speaker mistaking USB Drive Mode for expandable storage. One more video after the break.

Update: EBPMAN in the comments, who is much more fluent en Español than yours truly, says that the video specifically says micro SD, but when talking about it he's pointing at the instructions on how to remove/insert the SIM card. Confusion continues to reign supreme.

[via: PreThinking]

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