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Talkin' Pre: Bits from Last Week

Rédigé par Annie Latham le Mercredi 22 Juillet 2009

A lot of folks were "Talkin' Pre" last week. The wireless world was pretty darn active too. Here are some tidbits that were wending their way around the net that we missed.

Revisiting the Mirror Thing: Kara Swisher wrote about the Palm Pre and the "mirror exchange" she had with Roger McNamee during the seventh D: All Things Digital conference. She included the transcript, which is quite humorous.

Couple of Pre Test Drives: More write-ups of Palm Pre test drives are appearing. Over at PC Magazine, Dan Costa, in a piece titled, "My Palm PREversion," talks about moving from a BlackBerry 8330 to the new Palm Pre just a year after "converting" from a Treo 650 to the BlackBerry.   He remarked:

It's possible I was always a Palm user at heart. It is hard to deny the utility, innovation, and downright sex appeal of the Pre. No one who saw my BlackBerry 8330 was terribly impressed. It was just another BlackBerry. Take out a Palm Pre on the subway, however, and even iPhone users will want to play with it.

Also, in a Special Advertising Section, ten CNET users who were selected to try the Palm Pre on the Now Network are going to be blogging about their experiences over the next month.  Worth a look to get some new opinions on your favorite slider.

Arbitron Unveils New Estimates on Cell-Phone Only Households: Helicoptering out to take a look at the wireless world in general, Arbitron has managed to compile population estimates for cell-phone-only (CPO) households down to the local market level. As you might expect, the number is on the rise.

Palm Pre Soap: The Two Egg Plants shop over at Etsy has created some Coca Cola-scented soap in the shape of the Palm Pre.  Just like the Palm Pre, this soap may be running into supply issues. Looks like they are currently sold out, but when it was available it was a reasonable $7.99

That's a wrap!

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