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SlickPool - Free Animated Theme For Bold!

Oh yeahh! Here is a nice animated theme for all you Bold owners out there straight from the CrackBerry Forums. Obscene has been hard at working making a great many themes lately but this one really stood out to me as I watched the video of it in action. Personally, I have never really been a fan of animated themes as they often times cause some lag on devices, but this one runs absolutely smooth on my Bold.

Crossbar style, base icons, simplistic approach all wrapped up into a nice, useable, animated theme and best of all it's free! You really can't beat that now can ya? You can check out more information in the forums, where obscene has posted a thread for the SlickPool discussion or you can check out his site in the links below. And of course, donations are accepted for the hard work.'s feed sponsored by SlickPool - Free Animated Theme For Bold!

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Mardi 7 Avril 2009
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