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Seven brings new Google calendar support

Rédigé par Phil Nickinson le Vendredi 3 Avril 2009

Ask us about ways to push e-mail to your phone, and the Seven beta inevitably comes up. And for good reason. It's pretty darn good. Now Seven has given a boost to calendar support, with specific love for Google calendar.

Here's what's being rolled out:

  • Ability to accept, reject or reschedule meetings and appointments: users can manage their calendar the same way they would on their desktop, enabling them to better manage their time.
  • Real-time, two-way synchronization: with SEVEN's true push capabilities, calendar updates are automatically, in real-time, synchronized between the server and the mobile device. The two-way synchronization increases users' productivity by letting them manage their Google Calendar on their phone while ensuring that changes are reflected on the server.
  • Meeting reminders: reminders, one of users' favorite calendar capabilities, are also available. Users can choose between visual and/or sound alerts as reminders of upcoming meetings. Users can dismiss or snooze the reminder.
  • Read/Write Offline Accessibility: with SEVEN, the Google Calendar is also accessible offline, for access outside of coverage areas or in places where the use of mobile phones is banned. When offline, users can not only view their Google Calendar, but they can also create, edit and change calendar entries. Server synchronization occurs as soon as the phone is connected back to the network.

Seven's still in a free, open beta, which you can get in on here.

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