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Rumor: Pre landing on Bell Canada in June (or July)

Rédigé par Jason Robitaille le Samedi 13 Juin 2009

The above conversation comes to us via MobileSyrup and is interesting to say the least. According to the Bell customer service representative, the Palm Pre "will come within this month end" to Bell Canada. No specific dates given, however.  Even still, a June release would be surprising, given the stock supplies in the US are considerably low, with many Sprint stores sold out.  And no word on any pricing, though hopefully they won't jack up the price too high.

Meanwhile, a forum thread at HowardForums seems to be getting similar messages.  User Johnny5Walker says a live chat with a custom service rep told him the same information.  In addition, user Taco77 says his friend works at Bell, and that the Pre is coming late June or early July.

Let's try and keep things in perspective.  With the exception of Taco77's 'friend,' these are simply online representatives. I'm sure most people remember all those Sprint representatives saying the Pre would be out in February. Hopefully us Canadians [editor's note: Jason is Canadian, if you hadn't picked up on that] won't have to go through all the rumours and misinformation and end up waiting all the way to a December launch (scary thought, I know).

As always, it is our astutue doctorly advice that you take these and any other rumors with a considerable pile of salt.

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