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Rumor: Best Buy 'trial launching' Pre on June 7

Best Buy has long been a source of many a juicy Pre rumor, so it's natural that they would get in on the release date rumor marathon.

According to Boy Genius Report’s source, electronics mega retailer will be getting its hands on a limited stock of the Palm Pre for a trial launch on June 7. How limited, might you ask? 4,500 units limited, which translates to around four Pre phones for each of Best Buy’s approximately 1000 US locations. The distribution won’t be entirely even, though every Best Buy Mobile location will receive at least one Pre. Here’s the truly juicy part: Best Buy pricing will be $199.99 for new Sprint contracts, $299.99 for existing customer upgrades, and a mind-numbing $999.99 if you just want to buy one. Yeah, one thousand dollars. As always, rumors are to be taken with a shaker full of salt and possibly in this case some aspirin too.

Thanks to everybody that sent this in!

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Lundi 4 Mai 2009

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