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Review: SPB GeoGame

Rédigé par George Ponder le Mardi 23 Juin 2009

SPB Geo Game Flag Mode

SPB Software has released Geo Game, a geographic game that tests your knowledge of world capitals and national flags. There's really not much more to this trivia styled game. It's graphically styled along the lines of SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 with menu and back tabs on the bottom of the screens. The main gaming screen gives you the option to choose between the National Capitals or Flags game.

The "Capitals" game presents you with the name of the capital city or country. You are given four choices to choose the corresponding country or capital from. If you choose an incorrect answer, the choice is shaded gray and when you choose the right answer, you are sent to a world globe where the capital city is pin-pointed on the globe. The "Flags" game presents you with either the country or flag and you choose the corresponding flag or country. Both games are timed and the goal is to choose as many correct answers in a minute.

If the animated globe gets on your nerves (and it doesn't take long) you can turn off the animation from the Options Menu. It's a fun game that tests your geographic knowledge. In testing the game on an HTC Fuze, navigation was straight forward and simple. At times the choice selection was somewhat stubborn but nothing to complain about. If you're looking for a time-consuming, knowledge testing game to pass the time with, SPB Geo Game is worth a look at. A trial version is available and for the time being, Geo Game is only available for Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional (touchscreen) phones.

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