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Pixie/Eos "delayed" to 2010?

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Lundi 17 Août 2009

Eos/Pixie renderingPalm Wars Episode V: The Analysts Strike Back. Not long after throwing Palm’s stock into the clearance bin, Morgan Joseph analyst Ilya Grozovsky has penned another research note on Palm.

This time he’s claiming that the unannounced non-slider Eos/Pixie webOS smartphone has been delayed from its unannounced 2009 holiday season to next year. Grozovsky stated that Palm will need to put all its muscle behind the Eos if it hopes to compete against the $99 iPhone 3G currently on AT&T (the Eos is rumored to be landing on AT&T - and Sprint - at $99).

No sources, even of the completely anonymous variety, were cited, leading us to advise that this is to be taken with considerable sodium chloride. Note also the scare quotes about "delayed" in the title - it's hard to call something 'delayed' when we know so little about what the original plans for it were in the first place.

Ok, one anonymous tip we received earlier in the month was that prototype units of the Eos on Sprint had at least made their way out of Palm HQ -- so the thing probably exists out there in Sprintland.

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