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Palm Pre Anouncement for Europe on September 15th?

PC Advisor and bring word that Palm plans to give the GSM version of the Palm Pre a little show and tell with the press on Sept 15th. This comes among an announcement for the technology event PlayBite, where companies gather to showcase new products. Palm's definitely on the confirmed exhibitor list, so it's a safe bet that the GSM Pre will be trotted out once again.

The Pre's release on Telefonica, O2, and Movistar is still officially "in time for Christmas," but rumors continue to suggest an October release is possible. Hey Palm - an announcement of a more specific date would be peachy, we want to know just how long we have to save our money for the import.

[via: EverythingPre]

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Rédigé par CTL Advance le Vendredi 11 Septembre 2009

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