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PALM Beats Investor Expectations

Rédigé par Annie Latham le Vendredi 26 Juin 2009


Palm's Q4 FY09 results showed a net loss, but it wasn't as a big as many expected and their stock has made a notable jump so far today.

Eric Savitz of Barron's Tech Trader Daily kept close tabs on Palm's stock stock leading up to the call -- especially the ups and downs of how the analysts are rating it. Wednesday morning, Savitz noted that RBC Capital analyst Mike Abramsky just repeated his Outperform rating on Palm (PALM), while boosting his price target on the stock to $18, from $14. Abramsky also increased his estimate of how many Pres have been sold to date by Sprint (150,000 , up from his previous 120,000 forecast). Unfortunately, Palm refused to provide specific numbers on Pre sales during the call.

After the call, the Wall Street Journal named PALM a 'Hot Stock'.  Savitz has also rounded up the Bulls and Bears on Palm today, noting that reaction has been largely positive.  It's not universal acclaim, however, as Scott Mortiz of the Street expressed concern that Palm's relatively small size will hamper their growth.

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