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New: BlackBerry Mini-USB to Micro-USB Adapter

Rédigé par le Vendredi 2 Octobre 2009

BlackBerry Mini-USB to Micro-USB Adapter

Here's a handy little accessory that may prove to be a wise investment for many of the long-time BlackBerry users out there... the BlackBerry Mini-USB to Micro-USB Charging Adapter. Newer BlackBerry device models (Storm, Tour, Curve 8900, Pearl Flip, Curve 8520) make use of the micro-USB standard for charging and syncing, while older BlackBerry models (Bold, Curve 83xx, 8800, Pearl 81xx) make use of the mini-USB standard. While it's always nice to buy new accessories to go with a new device, this adapter will breathe extra life into your older chargers and cables as you upgrade to the latest generation of BlackBerry Smartphones with the micro-USB standard. This BlackBerry adapter is currently available from for $9.95.'s feed sponsored by New: BlackBerry Mini-USB to Micro-USB Adapter

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