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MySpace App Updated - More On The Way?

Rédigé par Bla1ze le Samedi 16 Mai 2009

MySpace App Updated More On The Way?

Here's one for all the MySpace fans out there.  As of now, MySpace is currently sitting at version as it was recently updated. The updates don't stop there and they are seemingly just on hold for the moment. 1.5.1 is rumored to be released soon for all as it has been noted that it is now being pushed down to US Cellular devices.

Sadly, as always with RIM developed applications, there is no official change log with the update, but 1.5.1 is said to have made the application light by offering seperate downloads of language files, increased mood and friend updates (to 25) and more languages such as Brazilian & EU Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese & Russian.

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