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More BlackBerry Messenger Barcode Oddities

Rédigé par Bla1ze le Lundi 12 Octobre 2009

More BlackBerry Messenger Barcode Oddities

Ever since BlackBerry Messenger 5 leaked, users have been playing around with the barcode system and finding some strange and not so strange things about it. This one however has to fall under the strange category in my opinion.

We got a tip from JJ that if you scan the barcode shown in the example of how to use the barcode system, it comes up with a rather omnious URL from a quite popular site. Go ahead and try it out and let us know what you think. I'm not going to give away where exactly it takes you - but you can see that for yourself. I will say personally, I think someone at RIM who was on the BlackBerry messenger dev team might have insomnia. Thanks JJ!'s feed sponsored by More BlackBerry Messenger Barcode Oddities

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