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Hullomail Voice Mail In A Whole New Way Now Available For BlackBerry

Hullomail is a new application out for BlackBerry devices, specifically the Tour, Bold and 8900, with support forthcoming for other devices. Hullomail is a Voice-Email application which allows you to listen to your voicemails directly on your device without having to call your voicemail box. All voicemails are sent to you via your email account and then you may listen to them all from within the application. Key features for Hullomail are:

  • Receive and play voice-emails directly in your inbox, mobile and the web
  • Get notified of any missed call, even in areas with no mobile reception
  • Take control of your voice-emails – it’s up to you, not the operator
  • Share, delete and keep your voice-emails forever, within a click
  • See who’s calling you instantly from your email contacts
  • Access, view, and manage your voice-emails, all from one place
  • One click access to all your voice-emails

Hullomail is currently only available in the US and UK, but hopefully that will be expanded at a later time to include other countries. Be sure to check it out, the video alone should be enough to give it a look.

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